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Dindefelo is a small village in the Kédougou Region of south-eastern Senegal near the border with Mali and Guinea is a village in the south It is a village of just 300 inhabitants at the foot of a large mountain through which flows a majestic waterfall: The Dindefelo Waterfall that gives life to an immense forest in which chimpanzees, baboons, little monkeys and many other animals coexist.


The Kaolack region is located in the south central part of Senegal on the border with Gambia. The Saloum river crosses it, offering different picturesque landscapes populated by different animal species.

More than a fight, it is a real tribal rite. 

Throughout the streets of a small village named ToubaKouta which is located along the Senegalese coast, the inhabitants come alive waiting for a meeting of Laamb (the Senegalese struggle).

Preparation for the fight is a veritable ritual ceremony where the fusion between music and dance generate a mystical environment. The fighters warm their bodies through a dance full of gestures aimed at heaven and earth, thus blessing their next meeting.

I does not matter who is their opponent, or his physical skills, victory or defeat depends only on the connection they reach with their own spirituality.

There are not rules kicking, punching, shoving, tight is admetted, evrething needed to throw down your opponent. But for what I have been able to observe, the wrestlers are careful to do not hurt their adversary, who more than an adversary would seem to be a companion with whom listen to his strength and to prove the power of his ritual journey.

Every wrestler trains from 4 to 6 times a week in natural places, during sunset time. The exercises, they do, are carried out with free body for a duration from 2 to 5 hours. Usually they train in a group and there is no leader. Everyone is a coach of himself and an adviser to his partner.

Senegal, even through the struggle, teaches the value of every gesture …

Senegal women keep themselves healthy with colors.

 To understand the importance of the colors we wear on our skin and what effects derive on the psychophysical structure, we should have a general brushing of the vibrational changes that occur when the photons, particles of light, affect the colors. Women in Senegal, though unconsciously, seem to know something about it. It does not matter if you live in a hut or in a concrete house, if you live on the coast or in the hinterland, it does not matter if you are a muslim, a christian, or an animist. What matters to women in Senegal is dignity. A dignity that is expressed in all its splendor through colors and dance. Two fundamental components of womens in the Senegalese society, that generate a real physical and spiritual purification.

Cous Cous

Here are some of the shots during the filming of the preparation of Millet Cous Cous from dawn to dusk. A real ritual that the women of Senegal play with great patience.

Each step takes its time and the ingredients are processed by bare hands and with large wooden ladles. An elderly quack doctor, while describing the different methods of food purification, said that the Millet Cous Cous, if eaten in moderation, is one of the most nutritious and easily digestible foods that can be found in Senegal.

The Vegetation

In the Subsahara of Senegal the vegetation, despite living in an arid environment, offers many natural remedies. Here the human being has managed to bring out from this plants every alimentary, therapeutic and spiritual richness.


Documentary research began … in Dakar, capital of Senegal.

The colors distinguish it. Among the streets invaded by the sand of the Sahara, that surrounds this city, every gesture, every look, every exchange takes its time. The houses, big or small, are home to whole families. Here, the word solitude loses all ethical, moral and spiritual value. All live together. The children play barefoot, play music, dance and face with purity whatever is present.mIn their eyes you can read the essence of the human spirit, the freedom of imagination and the brilliance of live. The adults supervise these small and wise creatures.

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