During the week of full moon, in the month of ………, all people who love nature and art are invited to immerse themselves in the Nura wood to share during a week the beauty of arts such as: music, dance, Yoga, Meditation, body care, martial arts, cooking and many other passions to be experienced along the paths and corners of the forest in contemplation of the nature that surrounds us
A real dive into a natural dimension to experience art and the pleasure of sharing.
A spiritual and physical purification in which you can express yourself and learn from others completely immersed in the most unspoiled nature. Each person can freely participate in all the workshops that will be held daily in the different corners of the woods. We will cook together and every night we will gather to play and dance under the moon.

7 days in which you can experience your spiritual and artistic side by freely participating in the following


– Afro dance with Luca Basto
– Musical improvisation with acoustic instruments together with Emanuele Monni
– Construction of musical instruments (flutes and string instruments) with Stefano Daga
– Singing with Paolino Secchi
– Physical preparation and self-defense with Oussama Houssaini
– Yoga and Meditation with Luca Basto
– Slack Line with Alex Giglio
– Body care with Alex Giglio and Luca Basto
– Sardinian cuisine with Francesca Senes and Elisa Piana
– Moroccan cuisine with Oussama Housseini

Common goal
The common goal is to live 7 days in full contact with Nature and your artistic skills.
Socialize and exchange the qualities that each of us carries within himself with others.
Experience the beneficial effects of healthy eating, live outdoors, use the products of nature, stay in contact with animals and art.

What will be available to you
Water, food (vegetables, vegetables, fresh and dried fruit, legumes, honey, jams, bread, etc.) with which we can all prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner together. A pitch where to place your tent.
Corners where you can meditate, hammocks among the trees where you can rest, paths full of medicinal plants typical of the Mediterranean scrub with which you can make herbal teas, open spaces where you can enjoy the sun and the wonderful sea view.
You will be offered natural products with which you can wash clothes and your body in full respect of nature.
Our bathrooms are compost, handcrafted.
The showers work with a solar heating system.

What will you have to bring with you
We invite you to bring comfortable clothes, a tent with a mattress to rest comfortably and a light with which you can move on the paths during the night.
In order not to consume plastic, everyone must have a plate, glass, fork, knife and preferably ceramic spoon. You will be given the opportunity to build these tools with the local clay.

Rules to be respected
Within the wood, as regards hygiene products, completely natural remedies such as ash, vinegar, lemon, clay will be at your disposal and we will teach you how to use them. It is therefore not allowed to introduce and use any type of chemical Product.
A great tolerance towards animals is required because donkeys, goats, chickens, dogs and cats live in the woods.
All animals are free, so we invite everyone to respect them.
Disrespectful attitudes towards others or in disharmony towards the context are not tolerated. If someone should cause any kind of nuisance or should behave in a disrespectful way, they will be dismissed.
We invite you not to listen to music with speakers and cell phones to give space and value to all the musicians present. In moments of silence you can listen to the silent language of the forest.

The Nura forest is located at the foot of the Montiferru (one of the wildest and most unspoiled mountains on the island). The closest beaches are Is Arenas, Torre del Pozzo and S ‘Archittu which can be reached with a treking of 1:30 / 2 hours.

Participation fee
The participation fee for the total duration of the festival is € 300. For children 100 €.

The proceeds will be used for the purchase of the Association Cards (mandatory for all participants because they include insurance), to support the costs of food, water, natural products, to reciprocate the commitment of the teachers who will offer the workshops, and of the people who take care of the organization and maintenance of the place.
For a matter of space we would have the opportunity to accommodate a limited number of people.

To book contact us via Whats App or by email:

Francesca: 0039 3465114568 Elisa: 0049 15204399957