Born and raised in Sardinia I am an assiduous traveller.
My great interst for languages and ethnic minorities, with a particular focus on oriental civilization, led me to attend the study course in Oriental Languages and Civilizations at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, earning my degree in 2011. My passions led me to live a life devoted to travelling, training and discovery.
During the period at the University, I spent a year in Paris participating in the Erasmus project and three months in Syria where I attended the Faculty of Languages at the University of Damascus, deepening the knowledge of the Arabic language. During this period I also visited Jordan and Lebanon.
After graduating, I started a long solo travel through Australia to discover the aboriginal culture I was deeply attracted to. A few months later I returned to the Mediterranean, in Tunisia, where I lived for longer than one year and further developed my knowledge of the Arabic language at the “Bourghiba School”. After this period I started a Post Graduate Diploma in RELMED Euro-Mediterranean Relations in Tarragona.
In 2014, I completed the degree and moved to Coventry, England, where I worked as an interpreter at the Coventry Refugee Centre. Subsequently, I decided to further develop my travelling experience by moving to Ecuador and through the NGO’s ENGIM International where I worked as a teacher at thofe Kichwa and Spanish bilingual school in Quito. Here I came to close contact with the culture of the Kichwa indigenous, deepening my interest in Nature and natural remedies. During all 2017 I was an Italian teacher at the reception center for refugees CTA Vel Mari in Alghero.
Within the project, I do interviews and translates the outcome into English, French and Spanish for publication in the social media channel, I walso produce subtitles for documentaries and captions for the Photographic Book.
I will be the language teacher in the Oasis of the little warriors of light