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The memory of the Earth

“The memory of the Earth” is a documentary research on the ethnic groups that most retain their ancient identity. The goal is to transmit the wisdom that human beings have acquired over millennia to enlighten all those aspects that have allowed our species to live in close relationship and harmony with Mother Earth.
Through the images will be illuminated aspects such as the connection with Nature, the concept of illness and healing, the use of natural remedies and how these are produced, nutrition, lifestyle and how  all those have influenced the cultural path .
The time for the realization of this work is strictly linked to the type of financial support that companies and individuals will give to this documentary research.
The documentary will be translated into the following languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Product documentary: Senegal.

Next documentary: Peru.

The silence of Senegal

Through these images you can perceive Senegal in every social, cultural and environmental aspect.

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