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Luca Basto
documentary naturalist

Francesca Senes
Translator Interpreter

Documentary Projects

The memory of civilizations

We will conduct a research on ethnic groups, which still keep alive their ancient identity, to study their connection with Nature and what influences have incurred their cultural path. The research will be based on their conception of disease and healing; on the use of natural remedies and how these are produced; on the ways in which food affects the body and mind. We will experience their routine by living their customs, rituals, music and dances. By realizing videos, photos and documentaries, we will try to convey the wisdom that the human being has acquired over the millennia for living in harmony with Mother Earth.

The Soul of the Earth

A documentary in which scientific and philosophical theories merge to show the planet in which we live as a real living organism.

The intention is to bring out as much consciousness as possible within each person, highlighting some of the components that make up the intrinsic complexity of life.

We will continue to work on the documentary “The Soul of Earth” by taking advantage of the evocative places that I travel to in order to carry out documentary research: “The Memory of Civilizations”. Landscapes, tribes and the natural diversity that we will have the opportunity to capture on film will become part of this documentary.

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