Vento Maestrale

Sharing is an essential part of life

Our mission is to flow along the currents of life to share the light enclosed within everything we encounter and to create projects that can spread wisdom and spirituality within humanity.

The heart of our mission:
“The Oasis of the Little Warriors of Light”

A multicultural educational center where children are guided towards their inner light.

In such an important historical existential moment for Humanity, the vital need arises to reconnect to Mother Gaia, to her Spirit, to her wisdom and generosity, where living in Nature, for Nature and from Nature, preserving, respecting and celebrating it to know its secrets and powers, is clearly becoming an increasingly strong need.

A Life in Harmony and Balance for a Happy existence. For a healthy life where Man reconnects to his 3 pillars in tune with the Universe: the Mind, the Body and the Spirit.

Mother Gaia is immense, she loves and feeds her creatures unconditionally with absolute love, it is our duty to give her gratitude.

In the eyes of the children of the village of Dindefelo we saw the light that illuminated our path. Our call has become so strong that we have decided to listen to it and act in harmony with our hearts. This call is leading us to build an Oasis where children are enlightened with all the knowledge contained in humanity regarding life. The knowledge of art in all its forms, of medicinal plants, of cultivation methods more in harmony with Nature, of the most efficient and environmentally friendly building methods of green building. Educate them to be true warriors of Light, people with a high sense of awareness of the world and the infinite possibilities it offers them, so that they can bring the light wherever they go.

An Oasis open to all the families of the world who want to let their children live this educational experience in order to offer a path of light to humanity.

If you, as an individual, a person, a human being, also want to collaborate in bringing energy to this project, give us your support! Have faith because this dream is all true.

Help us build the first Oasis of Light that will host families from different parts of the world, making their children live a unique and unrepeatable experience immersed in music, dance, permaculture and unspoiled nature.

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