If you want to come with your family

In our Oasis you can bring your children, grandchildren or even the children of your friends. Children will be able to participate freely in any activity and be free to wander around the village in the company of local children who always happily guide the new arrivals.
While the children live their experience, adults can have the pleasure of exploring the different locations of the forest together with our local guides.

Reception and permanence

Upon your arrival at the Dakar airport, you can get on our minibus to begin a 600 km overland journey in which you can admire the hinterland of Senegal with its breathtaking scenery. Along the journey there will be several stops to eat and rest. For those who need it, we can also stop to sleep in some villages of our knowledge located along the route.
Upon your arrival you will be assigned a round house made of clay, with a thatched roof, equipped with everything you need to enjoy your stay in a comfortable place. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available every day.
At your disposal there is a library and a relaxation area where you can spend time in harmony with nature.