I am a Naturopath and Documentarist born and raised in Sardinia where, since my childhood, I have been closely connected with Nature. Through this connection, I learned the use of some herbal remedies and experienced several physical purification techniques. I learned the art of self-sustenance by living intense experiences in untouched spots, observing and experimenting the powerful effects that Nature had on my person. While growing, I developed a passion for Immunology, Biology, Myofascial System and Natural Sciences. 

Subsequently fascinated by Naturopathy, I moved to Andalusia where I studied several manual therapeutic techniques such as osteopathy, fascial integration and shiatsu. At the age of 21, I started learning the art of Video Production focusing on Nature and trying to convey its importance and potential. I also learned by doing and refined some artistic disciplines such as music and dance. I lived in different parts of Italy, Portugal and Spain and I travelled to Morocco, Syria and Jordan during which I had the opportunity to compose music with the artists I met while travelling.

YouTube Channel: Vento Maestrale.


Live music videos made during travel