To keep music alive, we need to keep its origin alive.

Support us to open a music and dance school in Senegal in Dindefelo.

Dindefelo is a village located in the hinterland of Senegal in the Kedougou region. It is located on the border with Guinea Conakry immersed in an immense forest at the foot of a glorious waterfall.
The inhabitants of Dindefelo still live according to their ancient traditions, preserving their authenticity. During our stay, we had the opportunity to observe that they devoted themselves a lot to the production of utensils, fabrics, clothes and much more, leaving out however the musical instruments. Indeed,
the Kedougou region cannot participate in various music and dance events in Senegal due to the reduced number of musicians and dancers.
We at Vento Maestrale believe that African music is a real wealth and testimony of the purest and most authentic spirit of humanity, therefore we would like to provide support to the village of Dindefelo by founding a school of music and dance.

Here’s how we idealized the Dindefelo village school:
Within an area we will build 3 large huts. Two will be used to be able to create music and dance workshops. We will use one to welcome all musicians from Senegal and other countries who want to give workshops within the school.

Our intent is that the Dindefelo school achieve self-subsistence from the production and publication of the music that will be produced within it.
A real small record company that gives African artists the opportunity to exhibit themselves, and village children to grow artistically.

The school will be managed by Luca, Francesca, Ilaria (from Vento Maestrale), Kikidaba and Samba (local artists from the village of Dindefelo).
To give life to the project, we will create a fundraiser through the creation of a musical piece. Some Senegalese and Mistral Wind musicians will compose a song with the aim of communicating a universal message, which reminds people of the essence and simplicity that characterizes us and unites us in the human spirit.
We at Vento Maestrale will take care of producing two videos based on this song:
a musical one and a backstage where the behind the scenes work of this company will be illustrated.
We will then launch our Crowdfunding to raise the funds that will be used for:
– purchase the land inside the village of Dindefelo
– Build 3 large circular huts built according to traditional methods (stone, clay and interlacing)
– Build bathrooms with the phytodepuration method
– Build stools and various utensils useful for school furnishing
– Purchase the following musical instruments:
Cora; Classical and acoustic guitars; balafon; Sancara; kalimba; Djembé of various sizes and other traditional instruments.
– Manage the first years of school.

Help us in this endeavor !!! Follow our facebook page … soon we will decide the date to start this adventure!

This is the video we made for Dindefelo.
We will open school in this village