To keep the human spirit alive, we must keep its origins alive.


We believe that African culture is a true wealth and witness to the purest and most authentic spirit of humanity. For this reason we decided to found an artistic school in one of the most remote regions of Senegal (Kedougou).


Our goal is to create an art school in one of the most remote areas of Senegal and set up a small audiovisual recording room to broadcast, through our social networks, music made by artists present in the villages of Senegal and the nearby regions of Mali and Guinea.


What will be taught within the school.




He will be taught the traditional African music typical of the tribes present in the vast territory of the West Coast of Africa. Children will have the freedom to access the instruments whenever they wish so that they develop a healthy and progressive love for music.


There will also be tools from different parts of the world so that children can develop their own way of discovering an instrument through their own imagination. In this way will be born completely original techniques that we think can bring great riches in the world of music. In fact, the greatest talents in history have often learned the art of their instrument without any kind of guide or master.


Handicrafts and construction:


Instrumentation to make handicrafts with wood, clay, leather and fabrics.


Workshops will be held in clay and wood huts, tree houses, clay and terra cotta furnaces, construction of wooden tools, clay and stone. You will work the skin and everything that nature offers so that children learn the art of knowing how to build what they need to live.


Painting and writing


Material for writing, drawing and painting. Penis, pencils, brushes, colors, etc., will be made available to children so that they can express themselves in a completely original way. The only teachings in which they will be guided will be writing and the following languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German. These will be taught in a fun and playful way through the practice of all disciplines.


Physical activity


Dance workshops, yoga, manual therapy, acrobatics, martial arts, etc. will be taught in a playful way. The activities will be devoid of competitions. He will be taught how to share their virtues with other playmates.


Cultivate and breed animals.


He will be taught the various techniques for growing fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants and raising animals such as goats and chickens. Each child will be assigned a small piece of land and an animal at will, to let him experience his way of caring plants and animals.


The structures we will build


The brushes will be built by hand: huts made of stone, clay and wood. Each hut will have a circumference that will vary between 6 and 10 meters in diameter. These brushes will be available from morning to evening for all students of the school. Each sweep will be managed and organized by the teachers who will have the task of teaching the students the basics of each discipline, the various ways to learn art through fun, play, philosophy and respect.


The teachers


Teachers will be local from Senegal, Guinea and Mali


Each teacher of the sole-ecovillage will transmit his disciplines transmitting the fundamental importance of afrontare every discipline with philosophy, meditation, respect and care of your body.


Children will have the freedom to move freely between the different daily activities that will take place within the school. Every child will be free to learn what they need to develop their own unique person.


Everything will be transmitted through play, fantasy and simplicity.
There will be no exams, competitions, demonstrations etc. Each child or group will express their knowledge in absolute freedom and in honor of the simple happiness of being themselves and learning from the world around us according to their own psychophysical structure.


Independence of the school


We at Vento Maestrale will test the project (terrain and school) to the teachers who will lend themselves to the realization of the school. We will accompany the school towards its self-management and independence. /span>/p>
p>span style=”font-size: large;”>We will always try to draw the attention of supporters through the audiovisual production of traditional music of Senegale neighboring countries (Mali and Guinea)which we will build in a traditional hut set up as a recording studio.
We will also make nature videos to show the beauty of the territories and tutorship of crafts, interviews etc. that we would be able to realize with the artists and the artisans who will want to transmit their knowledge. /span>/p>


How we will finance this project


This project will be funded by all the people who believe in our mission by making a donation to the Paypal account. We’ll take care of the donations on the school’s credit card.


The free offers will be directed to the purchase of musical instruments, craft tools, materials for the overall construction, pay teachers and buy everything that students need.


Paypal e-mail:


We would be able to repay your donations by thanking you in our audiovisual productions.

Videos made in Senegal