To keep the human spirit alive, we must keep its origins alive.

We believe that African culture is a true wealth and testimony of the purest and most authentic spirit of humanity.

Supporting its art and traditions means safeguarding its roots.



Our objective is to protect the deep roots of Africa, which lie in music, song, dance, craftsmanship and all forms of traditional art that keep alive harmony, humility and peace in the hearts of the peoples who live there.
To give young people the opportunity to practice and express their artistic potential and to create great motivation for this potential to have a future in contemporary society.
To expose to the rest of the world the great cultural and artistic wealth in such a way that Africa is recognised, appreciated and preserved as an immense memory of humanity.


How we approach our mission

We travel to the most remote villages in Senegal where ethnic groups still maintain their authentic way of life.
To better understand what they have to offer the world and what they need to sustain their traditions, we live as guests in the huts of the families according to their humble way of life.

Key points

– Seek out great musicians and dancers in the most remote villages of Senegal;
– Setting up small music and dance schools;
– Organise music and dance meetings between the different regions,
– To create a festival where the best artists discovered in the villages perform together with famous Senegalese musicians, dancers and groups, including the participation of well-known singers and dancers from the rest of the world.

Searching for great musicians and dancers in the most remote villages of Senegal

In villages where there are musicians, singers, dancers and artisans, we produce audiovisual material by producing live music and video tutorials to spread the cultural and artistic wisdom that still resides in Africa.
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Setting up small music and dance schools

In villages where little music is practised because there are no craftsmen to make musical instruments, we are involved in fundraising to build a small school of traditional music and dance and buy all the musical instruments so that young people can practise their music, their songs and their traditional dance.

Organise music and dance meetings between different regions

A good way to encourage young people to practice and improve their way of expressing their art is to create healthy and fascinating challenges.
Our aim is to organise TAMTAM COMTESTs between the different regions of Senegal, so that young people will not only have a great incentive to practice dance and music, but will also have the opportunity to get to know each other, exchange information, and improve their dance and music styles.
These TAMTAM CONTESTs work like all sports tournaments, with the aim of arriving at a winning group that will collect a prize useful for the whole community in which they live.

How the school will be built

In order to build the school, a plot of land will be purchased in the vicinity of the village and a large hall will be built according to traditional construction methods. The structure will be circular, the walls made of clay and the roof of bamboo and straw.
Outside the hall, a canopy will be built using traditional methods for when lessons are held outdoors.

How the school will be run

The school will be run by the people who inspire the most confidence in us. We will be looking for young people between 25 and 40 years of age, who have the ability to communicate with the children and who have the capacity to organise.
The people in charge will have to send us monthly photos that we will publish on our portals “Vento Maestrale” to show the progressive growth and improvement of the school.

To realize a festival where the best artists discovered in the villages will perform, together with musicians, dancers and famous groups from Senegal, including the participation of well-known singers and dancers from the rest of the world.

In mid-August 2022, we will hold a big festival to give value to all the achievements and to thank all those who have supported all the efforts made to give value to the art that is preserved in the veins of Senegal.
The festival will be called AFRO SENEGAL TAMTAM and will last throughout the week before the full moon.
All the groups that participated in the CONTEST TAMTAM will perform, the best musicians we discovered in the villages, musicians and singers known in Senegal and the rest of the world.

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Videos made in Senegal


A documentary of only images and audio environment that shows the humility contained in the Senegalese lifestyle.
Among breathtaking landscapes and images that portray some aspects of Senegalese traditions and culture, it exudes the humility and simplicity that live in the heart of Africa.

Naturalistic Videos





Fundraising to buy Djembe in the village of  Sarugià