The Oasis of the Little Warriors of Light

To keep the human spirit alive, we must keep its origins alive within the hearts and spirits of children.

The Oasis that opens its doors to families and volunteers

An evolutionary center where art and spirituality come together to create the perfect environment in which every child can grow in harmony with the universe and its laws.

Our philosophy

The Oasis of the Warrior of Light was created to give life to a place where children can learn the wisdom that humanity has acquired along its path towards Nature, art, construction and their own bodies, discovering the love towards physical and spiritual awareness.

An Oasis where the teachers are present only to invite the students to fall in love with the various activities and to stimulate their curiosity through play and direct experimentation.
The Oasis is a place of peace, mutual respect and sharing where you can rediscover yourself and love for the world around us.

Show the wisdom of humanity to each student so that he can bring the Light in each of his choices and be able to improve the world starting from himself.

Where the Oasis is located


Our Molticultural Oasis is located in Dindefelo, a village located in the hinterland of Senegal on the border with Mali and Guinea Conakry.

The small Oasis is being born at the foot of a mountain, inside the forest, near a large waterfall.

An Oasis open to Volunteers and Families

This Oasis is open to Volunteers and Families, but also to people interested in living an experience within an eco-sustainable world in harmony with art and spirituality.

How our project was born

This project began in 2018 during the making of a documentary on Senegal, which allowed us to get in touch with the village of Dindefelo. At the end of the documentary we returned to Europe with the thought of wanting to do something in that magical village and in 2021 we returned and put the first seed by purchasing 12 Djembé through a fundraiser made between friends and relatives. This initiative has given birth to dance and music along the paths throughout the village.
The energy of these children surprised us to such an extent that it gave us the idea of ​​creating a special place! A real Oasis of life, not only for the children of the village of Dindefelo and the surrounding villages, but also for children from all over the world who want to live unique and educational experiences in a place full of Life and Energy.

In the eyes of the children of the Dindefelo village, we saw the light that cleared our path. Our call has become so strong that we have decided to listen to it and act in harmony with our heart

The videos we made for the birth of the project

The subjects and teaching methods

The subjects that will be taught will be:

– Music of any ethnicity played by acoustic instruments.
– Free dance that combines styles from all over the world.
– Naturopathy: knowledge of medicinal herbs, manual, sound and meditation therapies.
– Agriculture according to the methods of permaculture and synergistic agriculture.
– Bioconstruction according to the techniques of all the ancestral peoples of humanity.
– Languages ​​to be taught and transmitted through the Theatre.
– Philosophy to teach how careful thinking can lead to solutions full of wisdom.

Teaching methods

Each subject will be taught in a way that children can be free to attend and participate in the teachings according to their own interests. Within each subject there will be total freedom of expression and experimentation. Our goal is to make children fall in love with the activities they themselves choose to experience and create new styles, new thoughts and new methods through their imagination.
The teachers will be present only to make the children fall in love with the discipline that they themselves will practice inside the Oasis. Each teacher will have to work with passion on their subject and on themselves.
Every weekend an assembly will be held among the teachers to coordinate their work in an increasingly constructive way in harmony with the needs of the children and to make the environment increasingly rich in art and a spirit of collaboration.

The steps of our project


Starting November 1, 2022 we will start searching for companies that want to sponsor this project.

Purchase of the material
During the month of December 2022 we will take care of purchasing all the material needed to create the School in all its parts: musical instruments; tools necessary to carry out all the arts subjects, including those of crafts; plumbing and electrical (solar) system for the whole structure; water system for agriculture; gardening tools; 12 large and comfortable tent cities that will initially replace the school structures under construction.
These things will be purchased in Europe as a matter of quality for a cheaper price than in Senegal, because these materials are more expensive in Africa than in Europe and often do not enjoy good quality.

Journey to Senegal
During the month of December we will prepare our vans to face the long journey and, once all the logistics of the material have been sorted, let’s go!
With us we would always have the cameras ready to capture every magical moment in order to be able to broadcast the adventure of this journey through our social networks!
We will leave from Porto Torres (Sardinia) to disembark the next day in Barcelona (Spain). We will head south passing through the hinterland of Spain, stopping to rest in the most natural and evocative places of the territories we will cross. In less than a week we will find ourselves in the Strait of Gibraltar ready to take the ferry that will take us to the gates of Mother Africa in Morocco.
Once disembarked in Morocco we will continue southwards passing from the hinterland to cross the entire country in its innermost areas, until we reach Mauritania. We will cross this last country along the coast to experience and transmit the beauty of the immense beaches that join the Sahara with the Ocean.
After Mauritania we will arrive in Senegal where for the first 300 km we will travel along the coast and then turn inland and head straight towards the Kedougou region for another 900 km where our destination is: the village of Dindefelo.

Arrival in the Dindefelo villages
We expect to arrive in the village of Dindefelo in January. Upon our arrival we will have a meeting with the village chief and his family to declare our success in the mission collected, and be able to begin the construction of the Oasis structure.
In the first few days there will be various parties with the children of the village where you can show all the musical instruments and take the opportunity to play and dance!
Once the van and all the collected material have been arranged, we will carry out all the bureaucratic part to buy the land, we will create the group of people who will want to work in the construction of the school and we will start its realization.

Structural construction
The structures will be built according to the traditional methods of the area in total respect for the environment and nature. Therefore the houses and halls will be made of clay and thatched roofs.
The manpower for the construction of the structures and systems will be carried out by the staff of Vento Maestrale, by the volunteers who will take part in the project and by the inhabitants of the Dindefelo village.
– 2 Wells
– 1 structure of shared bathrooms and showers
– 5 houses for resident teachers and workers
– 2 houses to host external teachers that we will host to organize workshops
– 5 small houses to accommodate families
– 3 small houses to accommodate volunteers
– 3 sheds where lessons can be held during the rainy period;
– 2 after-use tool huts.

Starting up the Oasis

The Oasis of the little warriors of light will open its activities to families starting from January 2024 …

If you want to help us in this project with a donation or come as a volunteer or with your family, do not hesitate to contact us !!!

WatsApp: 0039 333 9403342