Our mission in the world
Our biggest dream is to create many small bases located in the most remote areas of the world that can function as real cultural centers for children who want to experience a world of art.
Where children can practice music, dance, sculpture, crafts and any kind of art including agriculture and raising hens for eggs and goats for milk.
A place where they can give space to their dreams, where they have a place to sleep, dream and fulfill their own livelihood.
Around these cultural centers, the “grown-ups” will be able to access them in order to participate and organize events aimed at culture, nature, art, etc. in order to be able to economically feed all the activities that children can carry out for free.
We do not know how to achieve this great goal. We only know that this is our common dream and that, step by step, in our small way, we are starting to set the first foundations. We are starting from our home, Sardinia and we are doing a second step in Senegal (Africa).
There will be so much to learn and discover as in all things, maybe we will be able to do little or maybe we will be able to do a lot. This depends on us and on every single person who follows in our footsteps.
No matter how small or big the result we will get along the life of this project to which we have given the name of “Vento Maestrale”, the most important thing is to impress in every place we meet along our travels, something pure, simple and incorruptible, which can also live thanks to the love and care of the people who connect with our mission.


We are open to any type of proposal and anyone who wants to help us is welcome !!!