“The memory of civilizations”

The journey will start from Senegal and then it will continue through other countries such as Kenya, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nepal, Indonesia.

Objectives/goals of the project

Traveling and living through the ethnic groups that preserve their ancient identity, We want to study and disseminate the wisdom that humanity has acquired and preserved over the millennia.

The aim of this research is to highlight their healing techniques, to understand their conception of illness and healing, experiencing the effects of nutrition, adapting to their style and rhythm of life, and understanding the spiritual approach that every ethnicity has towards the Earth.

The Research

How will it be disseminated?

The best photographs taken during the research will be published on the Facebook Page and Instagram; Once a month, a Nature Video will be released showing the most fascinating places we come across and their peoples.  For each country we live in, we will produce a documentary that shows in the most holistic sense the natural and humanistic riches present in the territory, including interviews and any other content that could enhance these messages. All material will be released on: YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

How will it be done?

The journey will be undertaken with minimal equipment for ease of travelling; Research within each country will last from 3 to 12 months during which photographs, interviews, video clips, video logbooks and documentaries will be produced and published.

How will the funds be used?

The donations we receive will be used to finance the purchase of technical equipment, travel, and to advertise our web presence (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube). It will also give us the opportunity to stay in these countries for the time it takes to devote research.


  • 3Portable PCs to work on all production content
  • 5 Portable 2T Hard Drive Disks
  • 3 Reflex with standard lens and telephoto lens for long distance shooting
  • 3 Action cam for sports and underwater shooting
  • 1 drone to take video and photo shoots from above
  • 3 portable audio recorders
  • 3 portable solar panels with adapters to recharge the equipment

Would you like to be part of the project by supporting us?

Support our investigation. Your help will be rewarded!