Path of psychophysical purification.

Nestled in one of the most pristine and wild forests of Sardinia, among paths full of Olivastri, Querce, Sugherelle, Peri selvatici and Macchia Meditaranea, with an immense view of the sea, a place is born where you can purify and regenerate your own body, your own mind and its own energy.

Through food, meditation, physical activity, meditation, manual therapy practices, and an assiduous contact with water, fire, wood, stone, earth and animals, we will tackle a path of physical, mental and spiritual purification.

All those who dive in this path will have to follow the feeding and carry out all the activities that will be assigned to them according to their physical, mental and spiritual abilities.


This list of activities is generic and will have to be readjusted depending on the needs and needs of each individual.

-Breakfast (each ingredient will be purely biological, seasonal and 0 km).

At every morning awakening a slow walk is undertaken in the woods along all the paths traced to collect the wild herbs suitable for preparing the revival tea to be seasoned with honey and accompanied with fresh seasonal fruit.

– Dynamic Yoga

At 10.00 the dynamic Yoga lesson begins.

This lesson will be held barefoot in the undergrowth in contact with rocks, plants and earth.

Each person will be assigned specific exercises to unlock their physical condition. Following this, different forms of meditation will be practiced so that everyone will be free to experiment and develop their own way of listening to themselves and the world.

– Practice of Manual Therapies

The lesson ends with the practice of different techniques of manual therapies such as: shiatzu, scarole skull and therapeutic / relaxing massage.

– Lunch (every ingredient will be purely biological, seasonal and 0 km).

At 12:30, raw, steamed and grilled vegetables are served, to be seasoned with native oils of native medicinal plants.

– Afternoon rest

After lunch, each person can choose their favorite spot in the woods to be able to rest, draw, read and write.

– Physical activity.

Every day at 16:00 there will be one of the following physical activities: Open sea swimming, Dance, MTB bikes, Treking


During the sunset, each person can choose a point in the woods where they can watch the sun set over the sea.


At 20:00 in the undergrowth in front of the fire you will eat pulses, vegetables, dried fruit and seasonal fruit.


All the people who undertake this path of purification must keep in mind that it is not a holiday but rather a period of purification to be faced in the maximum effort of their abilities.

Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and all the substances that cause damage and dependence will be abandoned progressively.

This path will have to be carried out provalente in silence and contemplation.

For the withdrawal it is necessary to book in advance by sending us an email describing in the best way, in a simple and sincere way, objectives, any needs and time at your disposal.

If you are deeply motivated, send us your application.

We will consider your application and we will let you know as soon as possible.

Required contributions

To book, you must specify the days of your stay by specifying the dates. Upon your arrival you will have to pay the total amount of the days booked (to be agreed based on needs) plus 15 € for the mandatory annual Membership Card.

Rules to be respected

Within the forest, as far as hygiene is concerned, we follow completely natural remedies such as ash, vinegar, lemon, clay, etc. it is therefore not allowed to introduce and use any type of chemical product (including so-called natural soaps).

A great tolerance to the animals is required since donkeys, goats, chickens, dogs and cats live inside the forest.

Below are photos of our forest.