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We are looking for companies to support our project to support African music and dance.
We believe that African culture is a true wealth and testimony of the purest and most authentic spirit of humanity. Supporting its art and traditions means safeguarding its roots.


We are travelling among the most remote villages in Senegal carrying out the following missions
– Discover the best musicians and dancers in the country
– Donate traditional musical instruments to children living in the villages
– Organise dance and music contests between artists from different regions
– Organise a festival where the best artists discovered in the villages and the best groups winning the contests, will have the opportunity to show the strength and vitality of their art.

About us

We are Luca and Francesca, a couple who are constantly travelling to study and divulge the art contained in the world’s most ancient ethnic groups.
We have travelled to different parts of the world (Africa, South America, India, Europe, Middle East). We have experience in knowing how to move between the most remote territories of each country.
Our project started on our island, Sardinia, and is now developing in Senegal. Our intention is to continue this work in the following countries: South America, India; Nepal; Indonesia.



The objective is to convey a sense of quest and adventure that can show people the cultural, artistic and spiritual richness that resides within each culture.


What we will produce


– Traditional music and dance contest between the different regions of Senegal
– A music and dance festival to be held during August 2022 where all the artists discovered during the project will be present.

– For each natural landscape we will encounter during our research, we will produce a fascinating nature video to show the beauty and biodiversity of each territory we will cross.
– When we meet people skilled in making handicraft tools, works of art, rudimentary construction, and the typical dishes of each culture, we will produce video tutorials to show and pass on the skills.
– We will make live videos of the indigenous musicians we will meet to transmit and disseminate the musical and traditional culture of each country.
– We will take photographs that will tell the beauty of the flora and fauna of each territory and the beauty of the people, their lives and their way of life.

What we will give in return for your support and what the sponsorship options are.

For companies that support the project with a MONTHLY BUDGET (which they can freely increase or suspend depending on the results obtained) we will advertise their brand through our videos. 30% of the budget will be spent on sponsoring the ad on social networks so that the video containing your advertisement will be as successful as possible.

The modalities vary depending on the budget offered:
– Brand advertising within the video
– Brand advertising through Facebook post descriptions; Instagram; Youtube

You can advertise your company by making targeted sponsorships:
– Sponsoring an event such as a music and dance “contest” between two different regions.
– A ‘donation of musical instruments for the village’.
– Sponsoring a video of your choice among those produced or a preview video.

The means of transport can be donated by the company that produces it or by a company that decides to donate it with its own brand name printed or drawn on the bodywork.
– The vehicle will be one of the key players in the search for artists in the villages. At the beginning of each video there will be drone and action cam footage to show the difficulty of the territories we will face.
– Each month you will receive 30 shots where we will portray your vehicle, highlighting the brand, among the best landscapes we will encounter.
-Each month you will receive a short promotional video of 1 minute in which your vehicle will appear as an unstoppable, durable, reliable and comfortable travel machine. All this among the best landscapes we will encounter.

The different types of videos we make