Sun Witness

The Festival of artists hidden in the heart of the Earth

Imagine a festival that can leave an imprint and testimony of its powerful passage, an eco-sustainable Oasis where children from all over the world can come together to experience an environment full of art and wisdom. And that this world is supported by families and volunteers who have the desire and the dream of living a life made of synergy and harmony.
A festival in which the most talented artists hidden in the most remote places in the world, join together with a successful artist to give life to a festival of traditional, ancestral, Blues and Raggae music to be carried out along three lunar cycles where art, philosophy and spirituality come together to generate the “Oasis of the little warriors of Light”. A light that lasts over time and that gives hope for the future to a wiser world.

A free and free festival where people can create their own little camp in a dream place and be able to unite with as many people to generate awareness.
A festival where all kinds of workshops come to life, such as: Yoga, Dance, Holistic Therapies, Methods of synergistic cultivation, organic construction, etc. All in full contact and respect for Nature.

If you can imagine this, this is the festival for your journey …
It seems an impossible dream to realize, yet between the nights we spent dreaming sitting in front of a fire that animated our talks, this project was born.

The first steps towards this dream

When things are dreamed, the first thing to do is to walk towards that light with simplicity and humility. And we at Vento Maestrale have already begun for some years to put the first seeds of Light in West Africa by looking for the most talented artists who want to tell the deep soul of the place where they are.

Immersed in the simple, humble and profound lifestyle of West Africa, to live and spread art and culture.

Where the Festival will be held

This first edition will be held in the hinterland of Senegal in the Kedougou region on the border between Guinea Conakry and Mali near a village called Dindefelo, in a breathtaking setting immersed in the most immense and wild forest of the entire country.

The following is the video we made in this Territory

How the Festival will be realized

The festival will be carried out in all its parts by builders, artisans, musicians, singers, dancers, volunteers and participants to generate an environment full of energy, respect, collaboration and harmony.

The whole festival will last 3 moon phases:

– During the first phase of the Moon, craftsmen, carpenters, blacksmiths, builders and volunteers will gather to set up all the structures that will have to be built within the area: Sheds, Stage, small houses, water and photovoltaic systems. The construction of all the structures will be in full synergy with Nature because the more traditional local construction techniques will be used, using only the elements present in nature: Wood, Stone, Earth, Clay and Straw.

– During the second phase of the Moon, all the artists participating in the festival will join together to collaborate in the construction of the structures and to be able to try out all the performances that they will have to carry out during the festival.

– During the third phase of the Moon the festivity will be held where all spectators will be invited to make artistic improvements to all the structures present and participate in all the synergistic construction and agriculture WorkShops in order to best set the eco-sustainability of the Oasis.

– The last phase of this Sun Witnes festival will be where the Oasis of the Little Warriors of Light will come to life. All the organizing staff will give the wise rules of collaboration, participation and coexistence to all those who decide to stay and live in the Oasis.

An environment of unification will be created which will demonstrate to the whole world the power of Peace, Art and Union. How these three elements are able to leave an imprint of Light that remains over time.

The artists we have discovered to date

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