Journey from Italy to Senegal in 40 days.

A journey that will make you discover, live and internalize the cultural, culinary and landscape change that exists between Italy and Senegal, passing through Spain, Morocco, the Sahara desert and Mauritania.

Through the knowledge, experience and contacts acquired over the years traveling along the Italy-Senegal route, we give the opportunity to cross one of the most fascinating routes in the world that connects Europe to Africa.

The journey will be faced with a suitable means to live a real adventure! with us we will bring tents, mattresses, solar panels, fishing equipment, Snorkeling equipment, Trekking equipment, cameras, stoves etc.


First of all we would like to clarify that the Cities will be avoided in order to better concentrate the experience on cultural authenticity contained within the small rural realities. Our intention is to take you on a journey full of meaning and serenity among natural landscapes, villages and villages.

The first days of adventure begin from Sardinia along the entire west coast of Sardinia (from Cagliari to Alghero).

Once in the Alghero area we will take the ferry from Porto Torres to head towards Barcelona.

From Barcelona we will descend into Andalusia passing through the Spanish hinterland to arrive in Cadiz and take the ship to Morocco.

We will head towards the inland of Morocco to reach the coast when we begin to enter the Sahara desert. We will walk the entire desert coast slowly to better internalize its silence, its wind and its inhabitants.

We will pass the Mauritanian border to head towards Senegal.

We will slowly enter the heart of Africa within the small villages to discover and internalize within ourselves why Africa is called the mother of all civilizations.

Interested parties can send us an email describing in a clear and simple form the motivation of wanting to undertake this experience and expose each type of question to clarify any doubt.

For more information contact us.