Travel with us to Senegal

In November and December 2019 we will return to travel through the landscapes and villages of Senegal where we lived during the making of the documentary “the silence of Senegal”.

We invite all those who want to live this experience starting with us!

The itinerary:

Once you arrive at the Dakar airport, get on our bus and leave. Every 3 days we will move from one village to another in order to better understand the territory of Senegal and its different cultures and ethnicities.

Within each village we would have a small house to sleep and eat together, but be careful !!! this is not a luxury trip with the usual comforts: the water for washing is taken from the wells, the bathrooms are very simple and not all houses enjoy electricity.

We’ll take care of the food: lunch, mainly fruit and vegetables, while for dinner, typical Senegalese dishes cooked by 2 Senegalese girls who will accompany us throughout the journey.


We recommend this experience only to people with a lot of spirit of adaptation. Our intention is to live an intense experience in authentic places of Senegal. Big cities and tourist places will be avoided. You will live in the villages in contact with the locals.

We will not give any kind of easement, we simply offer our experience in moving in the territory and our knowledge to share and increase awareness of Africa and the boundless spirit of humanity contained in it.

The journey is limited (maximum 7 people) and will last 15 days.

You can choose to take part in the following groups:

1/15 November; 15/30 November; 1/15 December; 15/30 December;

Book by September 15th. By September 25th we will be giving confirmation to the people that the Wind Maestrale Association administrative group has deemed most appropriate to the experience. In case of confirmation, you will have to pay the value of the round-trip air ticket (plus or minus € 400 direct flight Milan-Dakar / Dakar-Milan) and the participation ticket.

This trip is a free offer, but not too much! If the organized trips come on the € 1500 for 10 days as tourists, in this, being 15 days adventurers, we expect an offer that allows us to face all the expenses and be able to have the opportunity to donate to those who host us our gratitude.

Recommended figure: € 1200 ticket separately.

Interested parties should send us an email to communicate what they are willing to donate for the participation fee, describing clearly and simply the motivation for wanting to take this trip.

THIS INVITATION IS TO THE MEMBERS OF THE “VENTO MAESTRALE” ASSOCIATION. If you are not registered, register with our association and you will need to contact us to complete the registration form and obtain the card.

For more info contact us via e-mail or WatsApp.