Travel with us to Senegal.

If you want to embark on a journey to discover Africa’s immense cultural and spiritual richness, you can come and experience the heart of Senegal with us.

We will take you to experience all the places we went through to produce the documentary “Senegal’s silence”.

December 2020

The first step to do together will be the return ticket that we will take care of according to your personal needs.
– 1 day: Arrival in Dakar and welcome.
You arrive in the capital of Senegal, in Dakar. Upon your arrival we will be there to welcome you with our small bus to take you to the beautiful village Niaga located near the famous Pink Lake. Here you will be able to arrange your stuff, taste the first dishes and be able to rest from the long journey.
– Day 2 we will make a first excursion to the village and to the Pink Lake where you can observe the fascinating reflections of the water, the fauna and the lifestyle of the fishermen.
– Day 3: we will head towards the park of Niokolo Koba. On the way we will stop to explore the most beautiful landscapes and villages to rest and socialize with the inhabitants. We will arrive at our destination in the late evening where good food and a humble home await us to rest from the long journey.
– Day 4: guided tour of the Niokolo Koba forest where we can observe the animals of this large and immense reserve (hippos, crocodiles, rhinos, gazelles, lions, hyenas etc.).
– Day 5: We will head towards Dindefelo, located in the heart of Senegal. A village immersed in the forest at the foot of an imposing waterfall where we would experience 5 unforgettable days among the most authentic cultures of Senegal, its oldest traditions and its largest forests. (Click here to view our video on Dindefelo).
– Day 10: We leave in the morning for Casamas in Kafountine to eat and sleep in front of an immense beach surrounded by a forest. We would live the last 4 intense days in this village to discover Senegal’s most traditional dances and music. We will go to visit the large community of sheep (click here to view our video on the Kafountine fishermen) and the wonderful and wild islands located near Kafountine.


We recommend this experience only to people with a lot of adaptability. Our intention is to make an intense experience live in authentic places in Senegal. Large cities and tourist spots will be avoided. We will live in the villages in contact with the locals.

We will not give any kind of servitude, we simply offer our experience in the area and our knowledge.

It is an invitation to share and increase awareness of Africa and the boundless spirit of humanity enclosed in it.


First group from 7 to 17 December / Second group from 20 to 30 December
We could accommodate up to 7 people per group, so once the number is reached, reservations will be closed.

Participation fee

€ 1,600 per person – € 1,450 per couple

Included in the price: Car, driver, guides, breakfast and dinner.

Not included in the price: Air ticket.

For more info contact us by e-mail or WatsApp.

Watch the documentary we made on Senegal to see the wonderful journey that awaits you.