Senegal workshop

Afro dance; String instruments; Djembee; Afro song

From 15 to 25 April 2022

10 days of WORKSHOP in Senegal in a village called Cafountine located in the Casamance queens

Arm yourself with a lot of energy to face a journey that will lead you to live an intense artistic experience.

We will spend 10 intense days in which each of us can freely participate in WORKSHOP of Afro dance, string instruments, Djembee and Afro singing with the best Senegalese artists of the village. We will live and practice in a small campsite nestled in a forest facing the sea.
Inside the campsite there is a refreshment point where you can eat all together, hammocks in the trees, and many open spaces where you can meditate, play and dance during the day.
Near the campsite, a 15-minute walk away, is the center of the village full of life. Artisans who carve wood for works of art and musical instruments, a market where genuine typical foods of the area are sold, small and rustic restaurants that prepare Senegalese dishes, tailors who produce colorful clothing, and much more.
Next to the small campsite, along the beach, there is an intense and large community of fishermen (click here to see the video we made about the Cafountine fishermen)


– In the morning at 08:00 a healthy breakfast with fruit, vegetables and dried fruit is available. From 9:00 to 10:30 we will do muscle awakening on the beach together with dance teachers and a typical African workout based solely and exclusively on the weight of your body to develop elasticity, strength and speed.
– The rest of the morning we will spend exploring and discovering the life of the village, the markets, the art of the artisans, the businesses of the fishermen and whatever arouses our attention.
– At 1 pm we will all gather together to eat the typical Senegalese dishes prepared by our cook Elen.
– After a nice siesta, the workshops will start at 16:00:
– 16:00 to 19:00 each person can choose the teacher with whom to practice their favorite art. Everyone is free to choose daily what they want to learn between the various disciplines.
– At 19:00 everyone goes to the beach to play and dance freely and drink a herbal tea at sunset.
– At 21:00 we meet at the refreshment point where we can all have dinner together.

The participation fee is € 1300 and includes round trip from Dakar airport to Abéné village, workshops, a room, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The meeting point will be the Dakar airport.
Interested parties can contact us via e-mail or watsApp for more info.

0039 333 9403342