Senegal workshop

Afro dance; String instruments; Djembee; Afro song

10 days of WORKSHOP in Senegal in a village called Cafountine located in the Casamance queens

Arm yourself with a lot of energy to go on a journey that will lead you to live an intense artistic experience in Africa.

You will spend 10 intense days immersed in Afro Dance WORKSHOP, string instruments, Djembee and Afro singing with the best Senegalese artists we met in the Abéné village in the Casamance region.

Our trusted guides and teachers will take you to live a unique and unforgettable experience in fascinating and comfortable places.
The people we rely on and with whom you will spend your experience are the people with whom we have forged a strong bond of friendship and trust throughout our adventures in Senegal. We trust them in every respect: human, spiritual and intellectual.

– Our trusted Farà will always be available from your arrival to your departure! you can trust in him for any movement, curiosity and need.
– For breakfast, lunch and dinner, the expert and friendly Aisu is at your disposal, to whom you can confide your tastes and desires.
– As a percussion master, at your complete disposal, there is the great and wise Sipa
– As a dance teacher there is the very good and very kind Mà.
– As a teacher of Cora and traditional African singing there is the young and talented Bamba.
– As a captain for a tour on the Pirog there is the nice Bamba!

The participation fee is € 1300 and includes the accompaniment from the airport of Dakar or Banjul, to the Abéné village; workshop with the 3 teachers; a room; breakfast lunch and dinner; a Tourné with Captain Bamba.
Interested parties can contact us by e-mail or watsApp for more info: – 0039 333 9403342