Vento Maestrale

We carry out alternative education projects and events aimed at the art and wisdom of humanity to offer unique experiences in close contact with Nature.

The Oasis of Music

An Oasis open to families from all over the world where every child freely expresses their being through laboratories immersed in Nature.

The Oasis of Music was created to give life to a place where children of all nationalities can learn the wisdom that humanity has acquired along its artistic, spiritual and cultural journey.

An Oasis where the teachers are present only to invite the students to fall in love with the various activities, stimulating their curiosity through play and direct experimentation.

The Oasis is a place of peace, mutual respect and sharing where you can rediscover yourself and love for the world around us so that students can bring Light into every choice and be able to improve the world starting from themselves.


Festival Maestrale

A Festival designed to support

“The Oasis of Music”

Workshop & Music

A unique experience in close contact with Nature

This Festival is aimed at all those people who love to live in close contact with Nature where they can experience different workshops ranging from becoming aware of their own body to music.

The festival will be held in a forest at the foot of a mountain overlooking the sea. Each participant will have his own corner where he can set up his own tent and hammock in order to better enjoy his experience.

Participants will be able to take part in all the Workshops which will be held from the early hours of the morning until sunset.

The night will begin with Reggae, Blues and Afro music concerts to conclude with drums where all people will be invited to play and dance.


Workshop Maestrale


The Workshops designed to support

“The Oasis of Music”

Afro Dance and Percussion Workshop

This initiative is aimed at all those people who, in addition to loving African dance and music, are eager to discover the culture and lifestyle of the inhabitants of this fascinating and immense land.

For the duration of the entire stay there will be Afro dance workshops, percussion and excursions in the forest. The residence will be within our land which is located in the village Dindefelo, a village located in the hinterland of Senegal at the foot of a large waterfall.

All participants must have a tent, mattress and sleeping bag. It is magic all together and you live as you live in the small villages of Africa: consuming little water and electricity. Therefore it is appropriate to join only if you have a great sense of adaptation and community spirit.


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