Support the birth of the Oasis of the Little Warriors of Light

It will host families from different parts of the world, giving their children a unique and unrepeatable experience immersed in music, dance, permaculture and unspoiled nature.

The goal of this Crowdfunding is to reach € 12,000 by the end of December 2022 to start work from January 2023


Of 12.000 EURO

We are about to take another step towards the village of Dindefelo. A decisive step for the construction of the school structure and the houses where the families we will host will reside.
Each of you can make an important contribution to the realization of this project by purchasing one of our items.

What we offer in exchange for your donation

From € 1, the book in PDF format by Luca Basto “The art of self-healing”

From € 18, Luca Basto’s book “the power of self-healing”

From 35 € printed t-shirt with logo or photo of your choice from our Instagram

From 75 € printed sweatshirt with logo or photo of your choice from our Instagram

With a donation of 260 € per tartire you will receive at your home 2 works of your choice by Tommy.
Small components of Nature, set in handcrafted silver.

A partire da 2500 € una foto che potrai scegliere dal nostro instagram, realizzata su pannello in compensato marino 2×2 da Andrea Secci.

Book by Luca Basto
The art of self healing

Works of photographic prints on marine plywood by
Andrea Secci

Opere di Tommy l’artigiano