workshop Maestrale


from 20 December to 5 January

in Senegal in the village Dindefelo

Workshop of: Afro Dance; Flow of movement; Percussion; Traditional Senegalese cuisine; Rudimentary Construction; hiking in the Dindefelo forest.

All proceeds will create and support

the Oasis of the Little Warriors of Light


Djembe Mohamed Sipa

Afro Dance

Ma Diata

Flow of movement

Luca Basto

The villag Dindefelo

"15 days dedicated to Africa"

"immersed in the hinterland of Senegal in the village Dindefelo"

"In our company "Luca, Francesca" and the best teachers we have known along our travels"


The idea of these workshops was born to feed and support “the Oasis of the Little Warriors of Light” (an alternative education project aimed at families of all nationalities)..

This study holiday is aimed at all those people who, in addition to loving dance, music, good food, building with mud, straw and wood, excursions in nature, etc., are eager to discover the culture and lifestyle that lives in small villages in West Africa in Senegal.

The entire residence will be spent and lived inside our land (a small piece of forest located on the edge of the village Dindefelo). Participants will have to bring a tent, mattress, sleeping bag and all the comforts of camping in the middle of nature. Bath and shower are simple and rudimentary. Water and energy consumption will be minimal. Therefore we recommend this experience only to people who have a great spirit of adaptation, community and adventure..

The return trip is at the expense of the participants but still coordinated by us : The purchase of air tickets, the arrival at the airport of Dakar, the journey to Dindefelo and the return home..

To book you must contact us so that we can give you all the details of this experience we offer, and make a donation of €600 € to the Oasis of the Little Warriors of Light on fundraising by clicking here: gofundme!. For a matter of good management, we can accommodate a maximum of 30 participants.



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