Vento Maestrale

…Materializing dreams for a more aware world…

Francesca Senes

Vice president of the association

Born and raised in Sardinia, I am an assiduous traveller. My great passion for languages, and ethnic minorities, in particular oriental ones, prompted me to attend the degree course in Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, graduating in 2011.
These great passions have led me to a life of travel, training and discovery.

Luca Basto

President of the association

Since childhood I have cultivated a passion for dance, music and the nature that surrounded me. As an adult I became passionate about the world of Naturopathy, experimenting with various purification and meditation techniques.

I have traveled to different parts of the world and the desire to want to convey the beauty of the earth and of humanity led me to learn audiovisual communication to best share any form of art and culture.

My intent is to put my personal baggage at the service of creating various interconnected realities by a philosophy of sharing, harmony and union.


Our main goal is to enhance the wisdom of humanity by making videos aimed at art and culture and organizing events, festivals and retreats that can make people experience a natural, artistic and community dimension.

To make all the people who desire it live the magic that still flows in the veins of the human being.